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Stamina King Lotion

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Stamina King Lotion

5,749.00 (Tax Included)

Size: 10 X 15 ML

  • 100% Natural. Zero side effects
  • Helps improve stamina and vitality 
  • Can enhance performance
  • Helps reduce weakness in men
  • Can improves self-confidence 
  • Helps you overcome fatigue


As a man having low stamina can make you feel stressed and even uncomfortable. It can not only affect your mood but also have an effect on your self-confidence and make you insecure. Many men face stamina problems due to several reasons like hectic lifestyle, work pressure and other personal problems. 

How do you tackle these problems? How do you increase your stamina? How do you regain your self-confidence?

KFK Healthcare brings you Stamina King Enhancement Lotion. An ayurvedic formula that you can use as a massage lotion and increase your time. It is made using natural herbs like Kesar, Saffron, Nargis, Akarkara, Clove, Cinnamon Oil, Sesame Oil, Javatri, Samunderfal etc., without any additives or chemicals to eliminate any possible side effects. Our understanding of ayurvedic science helps us to make the products to give you quick and satisfactory results. 


Kesar or Saffron is a treasured herb that can help in increasing stamina. The flower also has potent antioxidant properties, vitamin and mineral components that can maintain overall health in men.

Nargis can have a calming effect and helps soothe the nervous system. The root can also help relieve stress & anxiety, helping improve performance. 

Akarkara helps improve performance and can help promote blood flow. 

Laung or Clove can raise energy levels and help boost performance.

Dalchini or Cinnamon Oil, Til or Sesame Oil, Javatri, Samunderfal all possess qualities that can help increase strength and promote overall confidence in men.


Take 8-10 drops of lotion into the palm and softly massage till the lotion is absorbed, or use as directed by the physician. Not for oral dosage.

For positive results, please maintain a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and a proper diet. Also can be used along with Stamina King (Capsules) for better results.


Are there any side effects?

Stamina King is made with natural herbs and our knowledge of ayurvedic science. This lotion or tablets does not have any side effects on your body, and you can use it without hesitation. Using this daily can give you satisfactory results in no time.

How To Use It?

Using Stamina King is as easy as it can get. Take 8 to 10 drops of the lotion and massage it gently and softly for about five minutes daily. It is essential for you to combine it with regular exercise and a healthy diet to see quick and satisfactory results.

Are any precautions to be taken?

This product is for those men who are looking to increase their stamina and last longer. The lotion is made naturally using ayurvedic herbs, so there is no risk of side effects involved, and you can use it without any worries. This product should be kept away from children’s reach. If your physician has suggested you, Stamina King, use it according to the directed dosage. 

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