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  • Can stimulate growth hormones
  • Helps speed up body growth
  • Helps build and tones muscles
  • Helps maintain cholesterol levels
  • Can improve metabolism 


In a world full of social media influencers flaunting their perfect bodies on the internet, many people are insecure about their physical appearance. Short height is one such insecurity that bothers a lot of people. Men especially fall victim to this as short height is perceived as inferior, and most women prefer their partners to be taller. The average height of a male in India is 5.8 feet and about 5.0 feet for females. While self-love is essential, people tend to look for ways to add a couple of inches to their height to look even more attractive. 

KFK Healthcare brings you HeightPro, a 100% natural supplement to help people grow taller. A perfect blend of ayurvedic herbs that helps stimulate the growth hormones and increases height. HeightPro is free of any harmful chemicals and additives, ensuring no side effects on your body.


  • Gold Thread, Lavang Fruit & Babool bark have anti-inflammatory properties that help in digestion, can cure parasite infections and other stomach infections.
  • Karu Root & Somlata Bel helps you in weight loss and boosts growth hormones.
  • Puraria Tuberosa DC extract & Lepidium Sativum Linn Seed extract that act as a tonic to help improve your growth and keep you healthy.
  • Azadirachta Indica Leaves, Withania Somnifera Root Ext. and other herbs to help you live a healthy lifestyle. 


  • 2 capsules 3 times a day (6 capsules a day) after a meal with lukewarm water or as directed by the physician.
  • Combine it with regular exercise and a healthy diet.
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